Wise Woman and the Witch Wound

Background of this Course

Over the past 25 years I have been passionate about empowering women to step into self care, authenticity, creativity and their aliveness. One of the primary ways I've done this is through facilitating women's retreats. Always small and intimate 6-8, sometimes as many as 10 women at a time. This has always felt just right to me.

In 2019, I got the strong feeling of "hang on sister...things are about to change." I knew that 2020 was going to be a big year for consciousness raising and women stepping into their power. I thought I had already stepped into mine. I had a "wiping of the brow" kind of feeling, like whew...glad I've already done that work. Little did I know there were far bigger steps to take.

That was the year that I also first heard the term "witch wound." It resonated deeply as soon as I heard it. I didn't really understand what it meant, but I had a strong feeling about it and wanted to know more.

The witch wound is the wounding that women carry within that is related literally to our ancestors having been burned at the stake, hanged, drowned, raped, shut up and shut down.

These women were the healers, herbalists, midwives, intuitives and diviners. They were fully in their power as creative, wise women. Until they were a threat, that is...and it is estimated that 40,000-50,000 women were executed in Europe and the American colonies over several hundred years. It's been referred to as gendercide.

We have entered an era where women are getting in touch with these innate gifts. Some women have sought out learning and engaging with these aspects of themselves and other women have described it as spontaneous awakening to the gifts within. But another aspect of getting in touch with the gifts is often the very deep fear that comes with fully being in divine feminine power.

On the most basic level women have been oppressed by the patriarchy (note: I do not mean MEN, but rather the patriarchal system in which many of us women have also participated in and oppressed ourselves and each other). And then there is the deeper wound (already mentioned) of women literally being persecuted and executed for their feminine gifts. It's time to take back the power and step into these gifts.

Now, back to 2019 and the strong feeling. I knew part of my purpose was to help women heal the witch wound. To overcome the deep fear (sometimes even terror) that existed when they tried to step into their gifts and their power.

In the flash of a moment, I had the "download" of starting Crone Nation. What in the world is that I wondered, but also knew immediately that it was about healing the witch wound.

Ultimately, what it meant was that under the umbrella of "Crone Nation" I would be gathering a team of women, working collaboratively and helping women fully access their Wise Woman archetype and heal the witch wound. Because the world needs us.

The first part of that was organizing a Wise Woman summit which is a gathering of women of all ages on the land for 4 days to be in community and remember who we are through ritual and ceremony. This is for women of all ages. I hope you'll follow the Crone Nation movement on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/crone.nation.9. We all, no matter how old or young, have the element of the Wise Woman within us. Activating this energy and stepping courageously into our truest nature IS how we heal the witch wound and heal the world.

This course is filled with creative exercises, meditations, and insights all of which are for the purpose of guiding you and activating the Wise Woman within you.

Welcome to the Circle! I'm so happy you're here. With gratitude,