Is this course right for you?

Watch the video, and continue reading to see if this course is right for you.

This course and group will have momentum. You will be called to get out of your comfort zone. Why? Because growth rarely happens when we're cozy.

Ask yourself, are you ready for change? Are you willing to be in the discomfort that comes with that?

This course will challenge you to think beyond the social constructs of society. You are going to be asked to consider the quantum world and the fifth dimension where the field of pure potentiality exists.

You will be challenged to let go of the story of who you think you are and the story of what has happened in your life, in order to hear what is being called forth from you.

You will be challenged to let go of the ways you identify yourself. You will be challenged to move beyond the scarcity and fear based thinking of societal norms to step into the flow of abundance that is available to each one of us. This course and this group will accelerate your process. It will be exciting but it may not be comfortable.

Journaling Prompt

Notice what is happening in your body as you read these paragraphs.

Is there tension? Lightness? Anxiety? Excitement?

Just notice and journal about this. Ask your body what it's telling you. Allow your body to speak on the page.